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Car Accident

Our doctors, assistant and massage therapists are among the best of their field.   Complete Injury Care specializes in handling car accident accident patients.  We’ll work with your adjuster and attorney so everything is handled correctly.
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Work Injury

Work injuries happen everyday.  If you had a work injury, give our office a call to set up an examination.  Our staff will design a unique treatment plan for you so you recover quickly.

We provide all the necessary forms for you to start treatment today.  Referral is never needed at complete injury care.


What will it cost?

Treatment at our office is typically covered 100%  by either the patient’s car insurance or worker’s compensation (no out of pocket).  For your convenience, we also work uunder an attorney lein or letter of medical protection.

Not from an accident?

We’ve successfully treated a wide variety of sports related injuries high school, college, professional athletes and weekend warriors. Non-traumatic  disc and spinal injuries improve greatly with our care too.

We are providers of most private insurances. Our staff will be happy to explain your benefits.


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