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Migraines and headaches are largely caused by neck issues such as muscle tension, post trauma following whiplash, and disc injuries. Auto and Work Injury Center has successfully help hundreds obtain safe and effective long-term relief from their headaches.

Whiplash/Neck Pain

Neck pain affects a large number of people. Neck injuries can cause problems with headaches, radiating pain and numbness,whiplash related symptoms and certain shoulder conditions. Studies show that more than 10% of Americans…

Upper Back Pain

The upper back is also a common victim of long term poor posture, the additional stress on muscles and joints can lead to an early onset of osteoarthritis. It’s not that too much stress is held there…

Low Back Pain

Low back pain affects 80% of Americans at some time in their lives. Back pain is not a diagnosis — it’s a symptom of an underlying condition. Common back pain causes include nerve problems, disc problems, osteoarthritis, and muscular problems.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder injuries are very common in auto accident and work injury claims. They can be caused from a variety of things including injury to the muscles, tears to the ligaments and dislocation of the joint. Without corrective chiropractic, physical therapy…

Disc Injury

Disc injury caused by severe compression or torque that happens suddenly can improperly over load some parts of the spine. When the disc is compromised, the gel like contents are at risk for being squeezed out. (Spinal disc herniation.)

Extremity Pain

Pain in your arms, hands, legs or feet without a direct injury is a sign of nerve interference at the spinal juncture. This can mean that joint alignment has been compromised and the nerves are being pressured…

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