Disc Injury

Disc Injury

Disc Injury


Disc injury can be caused by severe compression or torque that happens suddenly as much as long term mis-alignment can improperly over load some parts of the spine. When the disc is compromised, the gel like contents are at risk for being squeezed out.Spinal disc herniation.


Suffering from disc injury? We are the solution to your problem

A spinal disc acts as an elastic pivot for every joint segment of a person’s spine. As we all know that the spinal provides stability and allows movements in all directions. When the spinal disc starts to lose its strength it can cause severe pain and show debilitating symptoms. We us medical experts have the potential to give you the medical attention which is required.

If it comes a point where the disc breaks down probably in the lower spine, you can find yourself on the worst part because the damage that can be caused it is much worse that you may thin. In this situation the person will start having symptoms such as weakness and numbness, having lower back pain and leg pain. The problem can spread all the way to the neck, hand shoulder and arm.


What do you understand by spinal disc injury?

A spinal disc has a circular shape and flat on both the top and the bottom part. The disc is attached above and below the vertebrae and are known to provide shock absorption in the spine. Many of the people have never heard of such situation and that is why it is advisable to always seek medical attention if you start experiencing certain severe pain which are consistence at some point.

A slipped disc can be caused by various things such as falling, fighting, through car accidents as many more. Immediately the pain starts, make sure to contact us and you will get professional treatment.

Our medical team are so concerned with your health and that is why they put all our patients first. Our services will never disappoint you at any moment. We have the high level education and we are also certified with the license that makes us doctors. We also have the experience gained for a long time now.

If you are having disc injury, we are the right people to contact. We offer medical advice to our patient but if you require more information of how we operate it would be so helpful if you contact us and get to know everything. Your life matters a lot that is why we are here to give you our attention to the maximum.

Do not keep suffering wondering how to get help. The fee is fair to everyone and affordable too. Most of the customers who have had this kind of a problem can testify and preach our great work done.