Extremity Pain

Extremity pain

Extremity pain?


Extremity pain? If yes you might have already noticed the effects that has occurred on your joints mostly in the arm, legs, ankles, wrists, shoulders or neck. There are two categorize of extremity pain which includes the upper pain and the lower pain.


Lower pain

We have been receiving patients with this condition more often and they have been well treated by our great medical team. When it comes to the lower extremity pain, the nerve which has the control the lower extremities start from the lower spine and the lower back. Lower extremity pain varies depending on the body position, it is triggered by body adaptation to a certain mechanical stress, inefficient motion and weak posture.


Upper pain

This is a situation caused by injury and pain from daily overwork. Too much strain causes this situation to worsen each day if nothing is done about it. The more strain you put the greater the risk of getting upper extremity pain.

The upper extremity pain includes; wrist, shoulder pain, hand pain and arm pain, these are the main joints that are affected by too much overwork.


Our treatment to extremity pain

The treatment of this medical situation depends upon the cause and also the body part which has the problem. We provide long term relief for you to be able to continue with the daily activities without any difficulties, but the best treatment that most of the patient prefers is regular chiropractic care.

Chiropractic is known to utilize the person’s body alignment to increase the ability to heal by itself to the maximum. This is a natural healing which we as medical professionals take it as the best option for our patients unlike taking painkillers. It requires a trained chiropractor who is professionally trained and has the license to treat this kind of situation.

Our team of chiropractors have the experience and the right education and that is why most of the patient prefer our services since no regrets will come your way. we are good at treating soft tissue injuries which is related to extremity pain.  Do not go to any doctor for this situation since and expert is needed to examine you carefully and that is why we are here for you.

Our client’s health comes first, you can contact or reach out to us for more information. Not to forget that we also give medical advices to our patients.